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Walt Gonske

Walt Gonske "Tea Time" 32 x 34 Oil on Canvas

Exhibitions and Special Events

July 2014  - Artists of the Month 

Meet Stacey Peterson Friday, July 18, 2014
Demonstration and Reception 1:pm - 4:pm

Stacey Peterson and Kyle Paliotto

Extraordinary new works portraying the Rocky Mountains and Ranching Life.

Kyle Paliotto Brothers Artist of the Month

Kyle Paliotto "Brothers" 30 x 40 Oil           


 Stacey Peterson Headwaters 24 x 36 Oil available at

 Stacey Peterson "Headwaters"  24 x 36 Oil


August 2014  - Artist of the Month - Joseph Lorusso

Fresh works plus a full day of Demonstrations and a Salon on "The Art of Storytelling" August 1, 2014 10:30 - 4:00pm


Joseph Lorusso Wanting and Waiting 30 x 30 oil Available at

Joseph Lorusso "Wanting and Waiting" 30 x 30 Oil


August 23, 2014 - Jane ChristiePSA, PSC

Demonstration, Reception and Meet the Artist

Jane Christie PSA PSC Morning Sparkle 30 x 22 pastel at

Jane Christie "Morning Sparkle II" 30 x 32 Pastel


September 2014  - Les Femmes du Galerie Exhibition

It just get's better every time. Join us for the opening night reception September 2014 

Women Artist of Saks Galleries and invited friends.


Michelle Torrez Magic Powder 18 x 12 Oil Available at

Michelle Torrez "Magic Powder" 18 x 12 Oil 


October 2014  - Artist of the Month - Kim English Studio Tour

Once again Kim English opens the door to the studio for all to explore and purchase fine treasures plus a BBQ.  

October 4, 2014 for more information and to sign up as space is limited go to


Kim English Studio Tour October 4 2014

Kim English "Paris Sunset" 24 x 30 oil on Canvas


November 2014    Olga and Aleksey Ivanov

Exhibition "Cheers to Chairs"

Long anticipated new exhibition of these two great artists plus a few surprises!  

Opening Night Reception November 7, 2014


Ivanov Cheers to Chairs Exhibition Nov at Saks Galleries Cherry Creek

What is Aleksey working on while their 'precious' is guarding the painting?

This exhibition is in conjunction with Denver Arts Week November 7 - 15, 2014

O and I Ivanov Demonstration, Saturday, November 8, 2014 1 - 4pm.


December 2014     The Holiday Exhibition

"...over the river and through the woods...."

Gallery artists participate in this annual event. Let's Celebrate Artful Living! 


Daniel Glanz Border Collie Bronze available at

Daniel Glanz "Border Collie" 7.5 x 18 x 11 Bronze Edition of 30





Marina Dieul  
Marina Dieul "Petite Souris #151 4" diameter

New Arrivals

Marina Dieul has five new works available at Saks Galleries Cherry Creek.

Marina was recently honored the prestigious The Children's Hospital Purchase Award 2014 during the 2014 American Art Invitational hosted by Saks Galleries Denver, Co. Congratulations!






C Michael Dudash  
C. Michael Dudash "After the Rain" 24 x 30 Oil



C. Michael Dudash has two new works arriving today at the gallery. Look for more great paintings of the Old West by Michael in the next few months.






Clive R. Tyler  
Clive R. Tyler "New Dawn" 8 x 10 Pastel



Clive R. Tyler, AIS  One of America's Top 100 Pastel artists. We have 5 new paintings to offer.  Just before the dawn was raising, Clive managed to capture a glimpse of these mighty animals grazing. Clive says 4:30am is an inspiring time of day to sit silent and observe life on this great planet.



Doug Dawson Pie Hole 27 x 32 Oil on Panel Available at

Doug Dawson "The Pie Hole"  27 x 32 Oil on Panel


Award-winning artist and teacher, Doug Dawson has 5 new works available to enjoy. Doug teaches a wide variety of art classes from pastel to oil throughout the year from Santa Fe to the East coast.



Seth Winegar Country Light 18 x 24 Oil available now at

Seth Winegar "Country Light" 18 x 24 Oil


Seth Winegar, born in Bountiful, Utah, this talented young artist is dedicated to developing his innate skill by immersing himself in oil painting.  Already established at an early age, Winegar is striving to improve his skills and understanding of art. Seth creates landscapes and still-lifes concentrating on his powers of observation, color, texture, form and composition.



Wayne Salge Sculptor represented by

Wayne Salge "At Ease" 10 x 9 x 9 Bronze 


Wayne Salge, Colorado sculptor moves beyond anatomically accurate rendering to capture the essence of the personality.  He says his sculpture is more abstract but people still understand what they see.

Wayne Salge is currently featured in the latest issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine in the segment on "Artists in Our National Parks." Salge's monumental bronze sculpture "Cecil" was installed earlier this year at the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Congratulations Wayne!


Wayne Salge Bronze Monumental Sculpture Cecil at Little Rock Arkansas

Wayne Salge "Cecil" 16ft  Bronze 

Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden Little Rock, Arkansas




David Gray Autumn Trio 6 x 8 Oil on Panel Available at

David Gray "Autumn Trio" 6 x 8 Oil on Panel


David Gray's "Autumn Trio" is small yet powerful.  David's approach to painting must be viewed on Saks Galleries Cherry Creek Video Section of our website. This artist's extraordinary work in progress can be viewed in this video - a dedicated look into the painting of a portrait.  He is an intense young artist with an acute sensibility. Enjoy!




Stanka Kordic A Memory of Water presented in Les Femmes de Galerie

Stanka Kordic "A Memory of Water" 14 x 11 Oil on Panel


Stanka Kordic has a video that must be viewed on Saks Galleries Cherry Creek Video Section - Haunting, rhythmic, captivating and mysterious. Stanka says,  "...I have a great  a compassion for humanity and there is no other way for me to express that, than through portrait or figurative work."  An outstanding video not to be missed.



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