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Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
Renaissance Now and Then

Olga and Aleksey Ivanov

Olga and Aleksey Ivanov,  "Porcelain"  14 x 11  Egg Tempera

Frederick Sandys 1829 - 1904   "Oriana" 1861   Oil on Wood 

Olga and Aleksey Ivanov are contemporary masters, who have illustrated over 100 children's books.  Their expertise spans all genre and mediums, egg tempera, illustrations, oil, pastel and watercolor. Their contemporary take on the Renaissance style of portraits is unique, imaginative and poignant.  Methodical reverence is adhered to when preparing the egg tempera, just as it was hundreds of years ago, including the application of gold leafing.  Timeless beauty is portrayed in each figurative the Ivanov's paint. Olga and Aleksey's "Porcelain" may be acquired at the American Art Invitational, May 9th. The Ivanov Exhibition opens November 2014 at Saks Galleries Denver, Colorado.

Frederick Sandys"Oriana" may be viewed at The Tate.  The subject is taken from an early poem by Tennyson, "The Ballard of Oriana", 1857.  In the poem, Oriana stands at the wall of the castle, watching her betrothed in battle. An arrow meant for the King strays, killing her instead. Sandys refers obliquely to one line in the Ballard, "She stood upon the castle wall".  Sandys, an English "Pre-Raphaelite" was a painter, illustrator and draftsman of the Victorian era. 

The Collectors' Salon

featured speaker

Shannon Robinson

"The Art Imperative: Building Living Lifetime Collections"

Discussion Panel

Mikkel Saks, Saks Galleries Cherry Creek

Andrea T. Kemp, Realist Painter and Instructor

Stephen Savageau, Director Savageau Fine Art

Andrea T. Kemp and Daniel Sprick

Left: Andrea T. Kemp, "Gothic Summer" Oil on Gold Leaf  

Right: Daniel Sprick, "Lilly and Landscape" 16 x 12 Oil

Realist Masters, Andrea T. Kemp and Daniel Sprick

The Denver Museum of Art says of Daniel Sprick..."Sprick's recent paintings blur the line between realism and abstraction. His meticulous representation of every day objects and stirring interpretation of the human form provide viewers a new way to look at the world."  Daniel has a continuous exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, as well as, a new exhibition June 29 - November 2, 2014. More than 40 works will be on display.

Andrea T. Kemp is the next generation of Realists.  A protege of Daniel Sprick, Andrea T. Kemp studied her craft and developed her own twist of realism. Like Sprick, upon first glance, we might consider the work a photograph because of their stunning realistic elements. But further examination reveals a fragmented reality, full of mystery and sometimes suspense.  They are anything but a part of our waking world. Andrea's work may be purchased at Saks Galleries.  Andrea will serve as one of the invited guest speakers during The Collectors' Salon, March 29. Please join us this Saturday.

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