A Poem to Tennis

Get on the Court

Pull on those Thorlos for a snug footie hug
Pocketed shorts, give that drawstring a tug
Only one destination for these white soles
A game of unforced errors a’top my goals
New Wilson Juice Pro-Check! Or the new Prince Warrior?
Maybe my nouveaux Volkl Organix 9
With that I’ll be feeling fine
Wait, Babolat Pure Strike or a Head Graphene Extreme Pro
So many to choose from, I just don’t know
Where can I go?
Down to the neighborhood Game Set Match sto’!
Comfortable yet modern fashion
Why not up my looks to match my passion
Expert advice will help out a bit
For a youthful sport that keeps me fit!
Down to the neighborhood Game Set Match store I go
How many pairs of shoes I’ll buy I can’t begin to know
The type of strings I’ll select is also a mystery
But I liked the last ones-please check my history!
How bout a dampener to match my grip?
Give me four and I’ll be out that door
It’ll be ready in twenty-four?
I’ll be back to buy some more!
Demo me while I’m here
Only 5 dollars to be clear
Up to six for a $30 credit
Toward a new racquet? Use my debit!
Who will want my old, tired racquet
We do, we do, just don’t crack it
Trade it in for a frame that’s new
How about it, $25 from me to you!
Slice it, spin it, how you gonna win it
Rock it, roll it, play it like you own it
Get right and do what you can do
Just don’t quit and let you be you
Be a winner!
Get on the Court
Game Set Match

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