Then and Now Series for The Collectors' Salon March 29th

Masters of the Figurative Then and Now

A rose by any other name is still as sweet


Left: Nicolai Fechin, 1881 - 1955 "Nude" 24 x 20 Oil   
Right: Mary Qian, "Winter" 15 x 12 Oil

Nicolai Fechin's life spanned the globe from Russia, the South Seas, to the United States settling in Taos, New Mexico.  His sensitive charocals and vital oils are a legacy which still stir emotion and inspire vision.  He is recognized in the art community by museums and institutions world-wide.

Mary Qian moved from her homeland of China to the United States to study art in Utah.  While a young master, like Fechin, she has become recognized by peers and patrons alike as a painter of true significance.  She has received awards from Oil Painters of America five years in a row. 

An artist of outstanding caliber, she paints the petals of a rose with the same translucent quaility that falls upon the nude's delicate and luminious skin. Her brushstrokes like Fechin have a signature, impressionist quailty.

The Collectors' Salon

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March 29, 2014
Saturday 1:pm - 3:pm
Reception, Lecture and Discussion

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
Oldest Fine Art Gallery in Colorado
3019 E. 2nd Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80206

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