Buying Used Auto Parts Online

Your guide to purchasing used auto parts from an online salvage yard.

By Ben Silver - June 17, 2020

You most likely have encountered some options to purchase used auto parts online as you have been searching for the correct auto parts for your vehicle.  But some folks just aren't confident in the process and are reluctant to purchase used auto parts through an online salvage yard.  I am hoping that this blog can ease the tension and help you on your way to purchasing the used auto parts you need.

Since CAP is a brick and mortar salvage yard serving Colorado Springs and Denver for over 40 years, you can rest assured that your purchase will be handled professionally.  Some online parts stores are merely brokers for other businesses products.  This use of a middle man is sure to cost you more money than going direct to the source.  You can find a link to our online used auto parts store at the end of this blog or just click "Search Used Auto Parts' from the home page.

How to Search and Find...The Right Way
Finding the right parts has a lot to do with the criteria you use in your search.  The best option for you to get the most accurate search, is to have your VIN ready.  At our store, you can use the VIN search or you can search by year, make, and model of the vehicle.  Either option, you will also need to select the part you are looking for in order to drill down into the next step in the search.  After you populate the correct used auto part from the available list, click search.

Now you've got a bunch of results that you may need to filter through. To get the correct used auto part, make sure you filter by the correct application.  The store won't actually let you put anything in the cart until you've completed this step.  This helps us know which trim package you have on your door, or which engine size you are looking for.  This is critical in finding the right used auto parts.  There are also condition, mileage, etc., filters to help you narrow down search.  Use these to get to the exact product you're looking for.

Getting the Part
Now you will have the option to pickup the part at our store or have it shipped.  Simply select the best option from the drop down menu.  Also, you can select the warranty level that you want from the drop down menu.  On engines, transmissions, rear axles, etc., you'd be wise to consider covering the used auto part with a labor warranty.  Now you can add the parts to your cart and continue with your purchase.

Simply enter your payment information and we'll generate an order and invoice for you and your parts order will be complete.  If you're in any way uncomfortable with ordering the parts online, or you have questions, our courteous sales team is standing by to help you out.

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